baja shirt hoodie

Drug Rug Hoodie

There are many different names for the Mexican sweaters from the 70’s from drug rugs to Mexican poncho pullover sweatshirts. But they are truly known as a baja hoodie. Even though many people call them drug rugs or Mexican blanket sweaters, you simply can’t continue living without them. There are a few different brands out there and they all look a little different and are made of different material but most people just care about how they look. There are so many colors and sizes that the choices are endless. You could quite possibly never see anyone else wearing your exact same baja pullover poncho and that is always a great thing.

They are usually made in Mexico and that is how everyone else is able to enjoy them for a fairly low price. The labor in Mexico is cheap and that is how the world goes around, like it or not. But hey, you are getting a hoodie for cheap and putting food on the table for people that make these awesome hoodies.