Hemp Baja Hoodie

As you know the drug rug hoodie is like a hemp baja hoodie but the funny thing is that no baja jacket has ever been made of hemp. They might look they are, but they are usually a blend of cotton, polyester and acrylic. Most, if not all, bajas are made from recycled materials and hemp is such an efficient material that it is rarely recycled.
drug rug hoodie

The most popular baja hoodie of the year is called the Mexican Threads Multi and picured here:
mexican hoodie

pink baja hoodie drug rug poncho

Buy Baja Joe Poncho Hoodies by Mexican Threads™

The new Mexican Threads baja joe hoodies are in high demand. They can only be found at MexicanThreads.com where they have the largest selection of bajas in the world. If you don’t have one, you are out of the circle.
red baja hoodie
You can find these drug rugs all the way up to 3xl, they have a technicolor one that looks like you wore it to one of those color runs and got holi color powder thrown all over it.
holi color powder hoodie

Mexican Hoodie-Cheap Baja Sweatshirts

The Mexican hoodie is known as a baja sweatshirt and comes in many color and sizes. The larger XXXL baja hoodies are only found at MexicanThreads.com where they ship for free along with all the other hippie clothing they have on the site. Hippies.com ranked Mexican Threads the #1 online hippie shop. They have cheap baja hoodies that are on sale and they have the highest quality Mexican poncho hoodies as well. So no matter what you are shopping for you can find it over at MexicanThreads.com. cheap baja hoodies

Baja Hoodie by MexicanThreads.com

The baja hoodie by MexicanThreads.com is the most popular baja jacket online. There is only 1 place to buy drug rugs on the internet that offers Free Shipping and that place is Mexican Threads. If you haven’t noticed, almost everyone owns a baja sweatshirt now. Back in the 60’s and 70’s it was only the hippies or the surfers in California that owned and they even got called surfer hoodies because they were in the hippie clothing category. But now you will see some high end designers making baja hoodies and trying to charge over $400 dollars for them. I only pray that nobody is dumb enough to pay that much on a sweater that is supposed to represent simplicity and a carefree attitude.
turquoise baja hoodie drug rug
Find more about the drug rug hoodie.
drug rug hoodie

Baja Jacket

The Mexican Threads drug rug baja jacket is the best baja hoodie online. If you want to know where to buy drug rugs for sale online just jump over to MexicanThreads.com. They have the largest selection of baja hoodies for men and women. They even baja hoodies for kids. Their huge line includes their very own Earth Ragz poncho hoodies and baja joe pullover hoodys. If you have seen people wearing these mexican sweatshirt poncho things, you now know the proper name for them and you know that you can find the best selection with Free Shipping at Mexican Threads.

See our drug rug hoodie here.

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Drug Rug Hoodie

There are many different names for the Mexican sweaters from the 70’s from drug rugs to Mexican poncho pullover sweatshirts. But they are truly known as a baja hoodie. Even though many people call them drug rugs or Mexican blanket sweaters, you simply can’t continue living without them. There are a few different brands out there and they all look a little different and are made of different material but most people just care about how they look. There are so many colors and sizes that the choices are endless. You could quite possibly never see anyone else wearing your exact same baja pullover poncho and that is always a great thing.

They are usually made in Mexico and that is how everyone else is able to enjoy them for a fairly low price. The labor in Mexico is cheap and that is how the world goes around, like it or not. But hey, you are getting a hoodie for cheap and putting food on the table for people that make these awesome hoodies.

black white baja hoodie

Mexican Hoodie

The mexican hoodie is often known as a baja hoodie and the #1 online store to buy baja hoodies is MexicanThreads.com.
They have the largest selection and the fastest shipping. They also have the best prices. Don’t be fooled by other sites that seem like they have baja hoodies for less money, they will charge you a lot for shipping and that price will quickly seem a lot higher than you originally thought.

Mexican Threads has earth ragz hoodies as well as the original senor lopez pancho. You can find more colors and sizes at MexicanThreads than anywhere else online. They have been leading the Mexican Hoodie industry and have sold more baja hoodies in 2010 than any other site online. If you want to see a large selection of hippie hoodies, you need go over and check out their inventory now.

rasta baja hoodie

Rasta Baja Hoodie

rasta baja hoodie
The most famous of styles is the rasta baja hoodie because it represents a culture of people that follow Bob Marley and love Jamaica. The rasta colors are red, yellow, black and green. They are very popular colors at any concert where there are hippies.

This is the ultimate of the drug rugs for sale on Mexican Threads. This is a straight hippie hoodie that is very hard to find anywhere on the internet because of it’s popularity it sells out very quickly. So if you find one in stock, you better get it quick because it probably won’t be there tomorrow. This is the type of sweater that Ras Trent from the SNL digital short should have been wearing but they probably couldn’t find one anywhere.

The rasta hoodie is the staple of any concert, you need to get one if you are a real granola or hippie. Don’t worry they are made of recycled fibers in Mexico so they are good for the environment as well. This way you can stay true to being organic and look great doing it. It’s time that you get a new pullover and rasta clothing is where it’s at these days. They even have rasta beanies that will match so you can be completely in style.

maroon baja hoodie

Jerga Baja Hoodie

Most people don’t know what a jerga baja is but I will explain it to you right here.  A baja jerga is like a senor lopez baja hoodie that is sometimes known as a Mexican sweater or hippie hoodie drug rug.

The baja/jerga unisex hoodie is a pullover hooded jacket that is popular all over again.  They were cool in the 70’s and now they are making a huge come back in 2010.  You can’t find them in stores, only online at places like MEXICANTHREADS.COM. You can get them for free shipping only at Mexican Threads, all other place charge around $10.00 dollars or $15.00 if you want it shipped priority. Mexican Threads ships priority for free on all orders.

These sweatshirts come in all color and sizes that you can imagine. From XXXL to kids sizes. The best deal is the earth ragz baja hoodie
that is found at right now at mexicanthreads for a great price. Hurry on over and get a sweet new baja shirt or jacket before the season is over or they go out of style again. But lets face it, these things haven’t gone out of style in the last 20 years so I doubt they will be going out any time soon. They are a very unique piece of traditional Mexican clothing that we have embraced in America.

The surfer hoodie takes on a whole new meaning when you a sporting a stylish mexican blanket sweater or mexican poncho hoodie from Mexican Threads.